Let Your Kids Teach Themselves with these 10 Learning Apps for Kids

The education system has changed so much in each time periods. From the ancient times to the common era, to the first century A.D. to the dark ages, the renaissance, the 20th century and all the way up to the 1990s. However, at the turn of the millennium when the world was starting to establish connection via the internet and electronics technology began to improve rapidly, the education system no longer became a system, but has broken into self-education and home schooling. Institutional based education is still present though, but given the right apps and time your child, or maybe even most children who has access to learning apps, will be a genius!

To show you just how kids of tomorrow will be 10 times more skilled than in your generation, here are some learning apps for kids that will kick-start their learning abilities to a point that even schools can’t keep up.

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  1. Amazon Kindle – The first things that every child learns is how to read, write and count and Amazon Kindle has a huge virtual library full of books (including child-friendly content) that you can share to your kids and get them to learn how to read early and fast. Before you know it, your child will be a class A reader and soon he/she will learn how to write too! After that they’ll learn mathematics. Soon they’ll be very proficient in school even before they step on the 5th grade and they’ll easily ace every level all the way to college. Isn’t learning amazing?
  2. ClassDojo – This app is a virtual meeting place for teachers, students and parents. They can interact and talk about the child’s progress in school and, in some cases, even provide tutoring if the teacher thinks that the student needs it. However, the developer of this app failed to understand that teachers are commonly overworked in class and may not have the spare time to go online and interact with one or more student/parents. So it might be difficult to find teachers who will agree with a parent to do this kind of setup.
  3. Cram.com Flashcards – This app is more like a dictionary than a regular classroom education and you can teach kids new things like unfamiliar words and their meaning. You can also turn it into a pop quiz at the end of each lesson to see how much information your child has retained. It makes learning more fun, because if you sign up for the premium membership, then you can access all the other flashcards that users have created which by now around 75 million and rising. And since it is used by many people on various countries, you can teach your child to learn other language also! There’s so many things you can do with these flashcards and that’s why we highly recommend it.learning apps for kids
  4. Duolingo – We as kids were never exposed to a wealth of information that kids have today and with Duolingo, you can let your child learn various languages including Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Irish, Danish, and even English. In a few weeks or months you’ll be surprised at how much and how fast your child has learned these languages and might even become proficient in making conversations with people from different countries! According to the developers of this app if you learn from this app for 36 hours, then it would already be equal to a full semester in a university! That sounds crazy, right? Well, let me tell you this, a 9-year old kid from the Philippines learned English from playing Counter Strike! Yes, that’s right. That quite violent first person shooting game taught him how to read and write English better than his 4 English teachers could. There was also a writer who had a PhD. Learned English from comic books and he was from the slums of Africa. So learning so much this quick from the internet is not farfetched.
  5. DragonBox Series – If you’re having trouble yourself teaching your children math, then let the DragonBox app do it for you! It’s designed to be efficient, effective and easy enough to use that even 5-year olds can do it. They have sets for 4-9 years old children and 9 and up box sets. Each set will teach your kids the fundamentals of mathematics such as counting numbers from small to big numbers, basic algebra and so on and so forth. Math gives people a lot of trouble so it might be good to start young when teaching these concepts.
  6. Edmodo – This app is a more comprehensive version of ClassDojo as it allows for better interaction by making children commit to improving in their studies and habit to study as we normally get lazy in doing it. The added bonus of a performance tracker will make kids, their parents and teachers happy as they see the student’s progress as they move along. However, just like ClassDojo you too will have a difficult time getting willing teachers onboard.
  7. Google Classroom – Quality learning is never second best on this app as it is backed by the entirety of Google’s database plus the outstanding developers that created this app has spent thousands of hours of research and development to give users the best of the best educational tool that they can find on the web. It also has similar features as Edmodo does; however, it has the same issues that ClassDojo and Edmodo has – willing teachers who will gladly give their time to participate in an online educational activities outside of the school they work for and possibly not get paid for doing it.learning apps for kids
  8. PBS Kids Video – This app is brilliant! The developers thought that by using cartoons they can entice kids to learn without forcing it on them. The result? Kids will never get tired of watching PBD Kids videos and the more they’ll watch them, the more they will learn! There is also an educational goal tracker so parents and kids can keep track of everything the child should be learning. This is one of those educational apps concealed as a fun kid-friendly animation that children will never complain about.
  9. Pocket Code – This app teaches kids how to code (yes, as in code in software programming), but it’s not the HTML codes that you would normally expect. No, this is much much simpler than that! Children use a visual style drag-and-drop feature instead of what IT professionals normally use. The app also teaches them how programming works, and some basic programming logic. Although not for very young children, older kids who love technology can really benefit from this app.
  10. YouTube Kids – You can download YouTube Kids from Google Play Store if you have an android tablet. The developers of this app curtailed the content to specifically appeal to kids and filter out inappropriate videos. It’s like a combination of PBS Kids Video and Amazon Kindle, except everything is on playback mode. You can be assured that all content is safe for kids to view and there are a lot of videos that your children can learn from, most of them are educational too!learning apps for kids

While the apps mentioned here may not be all that glorious, your kids, given enough time and the right tools to learn will no doubt excel in almost everything they’ll do. Add a little encouragement as they learn stuff, then you’ll be a very happy and satisfied parent to have such an amazing child. Do your best to make learning fun for your children and they will never want to stop getting educated, which is very important in every stage in life.


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