Best kids tablets for 2018 and 2019

We live in a time where technology dominates our lives. Like literally. Think about it- a day without Face Book sounds scary right? Don’t worry this article isn’t about me saying bad things about technology or anything.

There was a time when technology was considered to be an adult stuff. Its pure sophistication truly confounded young minds as a result of which they stayed away. However, saying this now would probably land me a role in the comedy shows. Yes- that’s how hilarious it is to think that kids and technology aren’t connected.

Now, I want you to think what is the best device that is suitable for kids at the same time providing them with all the required access to the world of entertainment?  Is it a big computer? Well, obviously not. Only a tabloid meets all the required things given that these tabloids are specially engineered to be suitable for kids.

You would be surprised to know that a vast number of electronic companies have shown their interest in developing the best tabloid for kids. It is tremendously helpful- I mean, think about it- it keeps the kids mind preoccupied for a long time.

So what should be the features that one should look for in a kid’s tabloid? Well, firstly there’s the screen size and battery life. I am not saying the higher the better- but these needs to be optimum. The battery life shouldn’t be short as kids normally use their tabloids for annoyingly long period of time- however it shouldn’t be too long that it spoils the kid. Screen size is important- as it is connected to viewing and handling both. A 7 inch screen is somewhat considered optimum size for kids.

In this article I am going to discuss about the best 11 tablets for kids. In this list I have included tabloids are purely meant for kids for example: Leap frogs. Also I have included a few I Pads mainly because their features provide a wide of options for kids. Without further ado let us get to the list:

11) VTech InnoTab Max

This cute little tab has all the features that a kid aged 3-6 can ever want. Let’s start from its funky appearance.

It has MP3 and child safe WIFI feature coupled with enjoyable and creativity enhancing apps. Kids can learn a great deal from it. Unlike its nemesis Leap Frog- this tabloid allows movies to be added and has its own messaging feature that can be linked with the parent’s smart phone. However, many users have complained about it being somewhat lethargic- when it comes to loading apps and games- or even when switching between tabs. This can be a very bad thing as kids are often very impatient. Let us talk about its price: 109.99 pounds is its official price however you can much cheaper price at other online outlets- like very much cheaper.  The InnoTab runs on android- but its interface is custom designed for kids. This along with the convenient 7 inch screen size makes it perfect for kid’s handling. It comes with 18 installed apps all of which are perfectly suitable for kids and assures them a good time.

There’s the movie maker app and the art studio- which greatly contributes in increasing creativity. It has a 8gb internal memory storage which isn’t the perfect memory space for a kid’s tabloid but it still does the job.

10) LeapPad3 and LeapPad Ultra XDi

Leapfrog tabloids are very famous among children and given that they only produce tabloids for kids- the specialization makes their product significantly superior than most of their competitors. Leapfrog has been the best seller for the last three Christmas- which tells a lot about their tabloids.

Their recent launches include LeapPad3 and LeapPad Ultra XDi- the differences between these products are not so much so I’ll be reviewing them as one.

The small screen of LeapPad 3 is no problem- given that LeapPad provides a vast array of functions and entertainment- all of which are suitable for kids. Now it doesn’t run on android unlike most tab and this makes LeapPad3 standout.  The ultra-version is slightly heavier and bigger- but the overall functions all almost identical. It is suggested that LeapPad tabloids are suitable for kids aged 3-9 although if I am being completely honest- I would say that 3-6 is more of a sensible age range- as kids these have a vast array of options.

One thing that stands out about this tabloid is that their rigidity and durability-which are truly something that separates, LeapFrog from other adult tabloids.  It must be noted that LeapFrogs are somewhat cheaper than android or apple tabs- however- the educational software that need to be bought are way more expensive than those found in Google Play Store or App Store.

These two models- by the grace of God- don’t look too childish –you know with stickers hanging out and all those stuff. These tabs have their own internet browsing which- in my opinion is really reassuring for parents.

9) Ipad mini

Now before I begin –I would like to say that this tabloid is not specifically designed for kids. However, due to its quality built and potentially being suitable kids- this has made to the list at number 9.

Apple is no stranger to the world of technologies- and they have been revolutionizing the world of technology ever since they debuted. When Apple released their first tabloid in the market-it was kind of an embarrassing moment for them due to the low pixel density of their screens. However, they made a solid comeback with their retina display which is truly pleasing to the eye.

The color depth in the Ipad mini 2 is mesmerizing- and the photos that it takes are worth showing off! It has a very light weight which makes it easier for kids to hold. Its A7 chip makes this tabloid perfect for all the apps that kids demand- even enough for adults.

In terms of toughness- Ipad mini 2 isn’t the best. As it turns out they break or crack quite easily .Overall the Ipad mini 2 is very sleek and fast- and it has storages up to 128gb that’s a lot – like a lot – for kids.

When it comes to price –saying that Ipad mini2 is pricey won’t come to you as shocking- as almost all apple products are somewhat in the high price range. That being said the Ipad mini2 can bought for a bit over 250 pounds. Given, the fact that it is not so durable and is pricey- I would never hand to a child without a very tough case installed.

8) LeapFrog LeadPad Platinum

From its name it can be observed that it promises a great deal of durability- well, it’s a solid promise! Previously I have mentioned how LeapFrog specifically designs tabloids for kids and that they specialize in it. Their LeadPad Platinum is one of their most exceptional designs and it focuses mainly on durability and strength- two properties that are almost essential for a the usage of kids- you know how physical they can get at times!

Platinum in its name is because this model is perhaps one of the high end products of LeapFrog.  It comes with a stylus that is built in it – front speakers, camera, and headphone socket an d safe WIFI system. There are several preloaded apps and demos and there is the opportunity to download many more from the LeapFrog app store.

One of the features that amazed me was that profiles can be shared-like multiples profiles can be created and operated. This will be a great help to you if you have more than one kid-you know how siblings fight right?

Its 7 inch shatter safe screen is protected by a tough factory case and its colorful look is pleasing to the eyes of kid. When compared to adult tabloids- this tab may fall behind significantly on speed- nevertheless the speed that it comes with is more than enough for kids and their entertainment- after all this tab is made for kids!

7) LeapFrog Epic

In my opinion this tabloid by LeapFrog is not exactly worth its expensive price tag of about 119 pounds. Its screen resolution is moderate and the fact that it avoids IPS screen. The camera is also very average and the photos and videos are not so satisfying. These features are often neglected by small children- the key reason for which LeapFrog Epic is blooming among kids.

Its kid friendly interface along with the several assurances that LeapFrog makes a good choice among parents and also kids. Given the price- however-I still expected more from LeapFrog as their previous models have been so good.

6) Amazon Fire HD 8 2017

Amazon- you may hear about this company as being a Mughal in E-commerce- that they definitely are. Amazon has been making tabloids in the recent years- they have opted for a cunning strategy in their approach. Instead of going head to head with high-end tabloids manufacturers – they have decided to provide tabloids at extremely cheap prices relatively speaking.

Fire HD sells at only 80 pounds – given for this amount of money you are getting tab that provides great screen resolution and comes in many colors. Kids would love this app as it relatively fast since this tab is not fully made for kids. There is the concern for online hazards nevertheless this tab is a tough competitor in this list.

5) Kurio Tab 2

Kurio is probably a name that you may not hear as often as Apple Ipads or LeapFrog etc. However, this tabloid got my attention as it has something that many of the tabloids in this list lack. This is one of the few tabs that have the child safety features and all the kid related internet features-at the same time it serves as a great android tablet.

It has a very decent look and comes with a factory bumper case – which is rather streamlined and this makes it look sleek. It has both front and back cameras and all the necessities for a tabloids i.e the headphone socket, Bluetooth etc.

This tab however has the problem of screen resolution and overall screen viewing. This tab didn’t opt for IPS screen which makes the color depths less vibrant. Nevertheless, for 80 pounds it is a great buy.

4) Samsung Galaxy Tab- kids version

You may have been wondering where was Samsung all along in this list- well, because we were focusing on kids tabloids the high end tabloids of Samsung were somewhat overlooked.

The tab 3 is – however- designed for kids. This is like the normal tab 3 but with features that enhances the experience of the kid.  This tablet is pre-loaded with children’s applications including games, camera, paint tools and more 4000mAh Battery. These are some of its features. For its price of 60 dollars and the reliability of Samsung tabs this tabloid is a great deal.

3) Nvidia Shield tab

It goes without a saying that this is the fastest tablet in the list. So you must be wondering how did a professional gaming tablet ended up here?  This is mostly because Nvidia tablets can easily be modified to meet the needs for a kid. If this part is done there is no doubt that the shield tablet is the best tablet for kids. However, requiring doing so and its price pulls it behind.

2) Apple IPad

This is the probably the most famous name in the list. Unlike IPad mini the Apple IPad is a full-fledged power house that delivers incredible screen resolutions with its retina display. It takes amazing pictures and play videos that would keep kids busy for days.

It must be mentioned that without a rough case- it is quite fragile. This also comes with a heavy price tag but nevertheless the Apple IPad would give your kids some fond memories. The app store with it’s vast array of apps and Apple’s online protection. It lacks a few kid safety features though.

1)   Amazon Fire 10

Without a doubt this tabloid is the best you can get in this price. This will not disappoint you. In terms of features it surely does falls short with its competitors. Overall, this tab is the one tab you should get your kid- it has all the android features and very much optimum screen- decent camera and storage.  You can get all of this for a staggering price of only around 50 pounds. This has the potential to be embellished and adding that ‘kid’ look.



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