Kurio Smart Review, a Tablet for the Whole Family

We bought the Kurio tablet computer for our grandchildren, for their birthday. The computer was simple to use and the directions were trouble-free and pretty straightforward to follow. As a grandparent I don’t know much about the settings on these things, but I think I know enough to get things started.

I really liked the parental controls it featured and so did their parents. The free apps were easy to install and there really is something for everyone out there. This is a great first tablet for a child. It is also heavy duty and well constructed so I won’t worry about any accidental drops (which I’m sure will occur).

I was happy with the ease-of-use and the multiple things Kurio Smart can do. It’s a win-win, computer and tablet with the added keyboard. This is an outstanding tablet for the whole family at a great price.

This is just one of many stories of happy customers out there. Today’s family circles can really take advantage from gadgets like these. Like many parents, we get overwhelmed by the technology choices existing in families and we have to be Smart about it.

Today’s tech devices will influence just about every part of family life, starting with pictures and music, then family videos, entertainment and communication. These tech devices will make the internet available to all family members and the abundance of information that follows.

Onto the review of the Kurio Smart

Nowadays, the most important decision for parents of young children is figuring out the best way to begin their kids’ road to technology. Technology isn’t just about playing a game offline anymore. It’s about connecting to the internet and the vast information that lies within.

It’s important to learn about this with your child and to understand what they will be able to view. The Kurio Smart, 8.9″ Windows Tablet is one device that should make everyone happy.

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The Kurio Smart, 8.9″ Windows Tablet’s specs are ideal for family use. The tablet has a 8.9 -inch display with a Rear Webcam Resolution of 2 MP, Windows 8.1 operating system (so you can understand how to use it if you already have a Windows computer or Laptop), a very long 9 hours of battery life, a quad-core 1.33 GHz Atom Z3735G which will allow it to run any child’s desired app out there at this moment.

It also features 1 GB RAM and 32 GB internal storage for pictures, videos, and those really large game apps. It also sports a front facing camera to use for videochat (like with the grandparents, they will love it!), Bluetooth connectivity, 2 back stereo speakers, an integrated microphone, and internet access with Wi-Fi.

Look at videos that are on the tablet through the HD video player, or even on your TV through the micro HDMI connector. And for yourself: write emails, surf the web, take photos and videos, play music and much more!

It’s also filled with lots of pre inserted content, such as games, eBooks, videos and apps to get you started.  It’s much more than just an electronic babysitter for children. A good tablet can assist them in gaining knowledge of basic hand-eye coordination, develop reading skills and find out that learning can also be fun.

The Kurio Smart was created with kids in mind

The Kurio Smart was created particularly for kids and has parental power that helps parents observe growth and put limits on how their children utilize the gadget, which is ideal in their ever changing environment.

The parental controls are assembled into the tablet, and are generally simple for parents to set. These controls prevent children from unintentionally surfing to sites parents don’t want them to see. And because the makers at Kurio know that parents often find setting controls confusing, they’ve made this one with easy to use controls that can’t be undone by children.

It is also made to be much more sturdy, created with the knowledge that little children are likely to toss and step on them from time to time. And the fun thing is, they don’t have to be exclusively used for education. Long car trips can be made much more amusing by a movie playing on a tablet.

This makes the Kurio Smart tablet an ideal tool for both learning and playing, and because of the easy to use Windows OS even older children can use it at home and school by using Microsoft-compatible software such as Excel, Word and PowerPoint.

The Kurio Smart tablet’s detachable keyboard lets children go from laptop to tablet in just seconds. So they will be able to use it for schoolwork or just browsing Youtube. And you will be able to use it as well for your own work (if your kids will let you).

kurio smart

Through password-protected Microsoft Family Safety controls, you are able to observe your kid’s tablet control, set time controls & bind website access. It has a built in feature that curates the internet in accordance to the age information you’ve entered for each child, so you don’t have to worry about your little ones downloading unsuitable apps.

The $198.49 price tag at the moment of writing this review offers a moderately powerful tablet with it’s best feature being a safe environment for kids to learn the online landscape. On a daily basis the set time limit keeps kids from getting too attached and using it too long, and parents can leave their kids to surf and play for themselves without having to worry.

So in short, The Kurio Smart is perfect for children. It has recently been developed with this in mind and in relation to other child orientated tablets it has a lot of unique features. For the youngsters they can use the Kid Zone with apps and games handpicked by their parents. For Parents you can be certain that the kids are only playing the apps and games that you have checked are suitable.

There are more powerful tablets on the market in this price range but it’s very versatile and safe and with the added keyboard you can keep using it even if your children are getting a little older.

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