What’s up with the Huawei Media Pad M3 Lite and T3 Tablets?

Huawei has yet to captivate the American public as well as other western markets with its underappreciated products; however, while it didn’t make it big here in the United States and the European Union – it is a well-known brand across the globe. Unfortunately, a large portion of the public (who aren’t tech savvy) are still easily influenced by negative propaganda about China made products when the truth is the very opposite of it. Huawei’s brand got on the spotlight when they released the Nexus 6P and the company’s reputation has grown exponentially ever since.

Today Huawei is gearing up to compete in the budget tablet market with their latest 8 and 10-inch size tablets. Particularly these are the Huawei MediaPad M3 Lite and the MediaPad T3. And now let’s find out more about these budget-friendly tablets from Huawei.


Huawei MediaPad M3 Lite (8 and 10 Inches Tablets)
The camera configuration, RAM, storage, and software are basically identical between the two models. They also have the same 1.4 GHz Cortex-A53 octa-core processors (unspecified) which are very impressive to say the least! One notable difference appears with the M3 Lite 8-inch tab is its Harman Kardon loud speakers while the 10-inch M3 Lite only has a generic high quality stereo speakers. Whichever model you will choose between the 2, you won’t regret the amount of money you’ve invested in it as you will absolutely be pleased with its specs, features, design and overall performance.

As an e-reader style tablet, the M3 Lite 8 feels very welcoming in your hand is basically the iPad/Kindle analogue if you think about it, except it’s cheaper. However, this design configuration is becoming more and more common and boring that consumers are already clamoring for a replacement even before 2017 has ended. I think manufacturers will have to focus on creating tablets with dynamic foldable screens soon as screen size differences doesn’t cut it anymore.

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On the other hand, the M3 Lite 10 (10 inches display) is very similar to its smaller brother in almost every way, except that it has 2 additional speakers on its sides to give you better audio quality and has a larger screen width. Its 6660 mAh battery also comes in handy, because it can handle any video playback continuously for roughly 10 hours! If you’re more of a multimedia kind of person and you want a larger screen size for your tablet, then the Huawei MediaPad M3 Lite 10 is the tablet for you.

The M3 Lite 8 is currently sold at $199 apiece while the M3 Lite 10 sells for a lot more at $249 per unit. You can check the specs of the M3 Lite series tablets here and here and find that it gives you a good deal in exchange for your money. I mean, if you’re not too attached to iTunes or Amazon Prime, then these Android-based alternatives are more than just good replacements for the usual brand name that you’re accustomed to.


Huawei MediaPad T3 Lite Series
The other half of this topic is the Huawei MediaPad T3 Lite and like the M3 Lite, it too comes in two different size configurations – the 9.6-inch tab and the 10.1-inch tab respectively. This is the lower end version of the MediaPad line, but it should still make a great option for those looking for a nice feeling tablet at a competitive price. Much like the M3 Lite series, these T3s also sports nearly identical specs, which left me scratching my head and got me reminiscing Apple’s iPad Mini 4 which, for no other reason, was made to make money. You can get the 9.6-inch version of the T3 Lite for only $139 and if you want the 10.1-inch version of the T3 Lite, then it will cost you $159.

Having a quad or octa-core processor, huge RAM and internal storage space package plus a high quality screen resolution is what you should look for in tablets and other mobile devices, and Huawei neatly placed them in the MediaPad M3 and T3 series. If you’re open to using other devices besides the regular western brands that are very popular in the US market, then you can check out the M3 and T3 tablets from Huawei and see the difference.


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