Kids tablet covers for different sizes

You finally got your son or daughter a tablet from the best tablets for 2018 list, but maybe as important as that is choosing the right cover! Children generally feel very strongly towards colorful objects, a boring black or grey tablet wont interest them as much. Some kids tablets will come with their own fun cover, although often you will have to choose one yourself, that won’t just look fun but is also useful! The tablet spends a lot of time in your child’s hands, so it will have to be protected from quite a few bumps. A good tablet cover protects the tablet from any fall or accident damage.

It is also handy to purchase a good screen cover or screen protector. A tablet cover only protects the surrounding tablet, but not the screen side of it. For that, you use a screen protector. Screen protector comes in glass or plastic. Plastic is definitely a bit cheaper but glass is more sturdy. And if you want to take your tablet with you on vacation, you might want to think of getting a water resistant cover!

Tabzoo is a super fun brand that focuses on articles for kids. They also have a huge amount of kids tablet covers! They are available in 7/8 inch and 10/11inch, which are the most seen sizes in kids tablets. There are covers available where you just slide your tablet in, and covers where you click the tablet inside. In any case your child will have the tablet in its cover when playing with it.

Even though your child might not like the cover at first, it is advised to use one. Kids tablets should be able to withstand a few bumps, they do have their limitations when it comes to withstanding these accidents. With a cover, these tablets will have that little bit extra protection in case anything happens. The designs of these covers alternate, the designs are very funny and sometimes a type of (fake)fur, eyes and ears!

There are many different animals available, like for instance a monkey, elephant and a dinosaur! The models are very universal, so you can use them for any tablet you own, as long as you choose the right size. With these animal friends for covers, your child will have fun holding their tablet while also protecting it!

Of course also has a ton of kid friendly tablet covers, in different shapes, sizes and designs! Just always make sure you read the reviews and most important of all, choose the right size cover that fits your child’s tablet. A few examples of different brand Amazon offers are: Fintie, MoKo, BMOUO and Amazon’s own brand.

Water proof covers

If you want to take your tablet with you on vacations, it might be useful purchase a water proof tablet cover. If you use this cover, you will still be able to use it even when not on vacation. In the mean time your tablet will be protected against water and sand. Even though this cover does not offer extra firmness, it often comes with a small rope to wear around the neck area to prevent the tablet from falling on the ground of in the water.

Screen protectors

After choosing a fun tablet cover, its also a need to purchase a screen protector. This protects against scratches and other damages that might be done to the screen. Nowadays there are screen protectors available who make sure no one else can watch your screen except for you. It might not be the best one to buy a child, since you want to keep an eye on what your child is doing.



There is a huge amount of choices when looking for a cover for your child’s tablet. If you want to go for a fun cover that will really speak to your child, you might want to pick the fun animal cover from Tabzoo, available on Amazon.

If you’ve already chosen a firm cover, it is surely time to think of other measurements you can take. For instance, buying a screen protector is always a good idea to help protect your tablet from scratches and damages to the screen. If you want to take your tablet on your vacation this year, you also need to think about buying a water proof cover for ultimate protection.

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