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The modern age requires the right products, which also are appropriate for the right age category. A lot of (grand)parents are doubtful if this is a good idea, and if the answer is yes, which tablet is the right one for the child? A special kids tablet is the right solution. This way, the child wil be able to, safely, learn about the modern techniques of this age. A kids tablet is a fun gift for a birthday, Christmas or after a great achievement.

A kids tablet is available at many stores, of course also available from many brands.  This is why it is important to put all the options in a clear view and make sure you are able to make the right decision. A tablet for entertainment, or as a help with schoolwork and/ or social contacts.


Differences with adult tablets.

A kids tablet is different than a tablet for an adult. That’s why it’s important to look and compare. If the kids are playing with an adult tablet, chances are they might come into contact with things that are not very age appropriate. If they are allowed to be on their parent’s tablet, they would be able to discover private things, so it is not advisable to let them do so.

A kids tablet does not allow them to access for instance YouTube video’s that would not be age appropriate. Parents are able to indicate what they will be and won’t be allowed to be on their kid’s tablet. Most kids tablet have a setting for parents to indicate these things. This function can also be used to determine the maximum time your child is allowed to play on the tablet.

Another advantage is that a tablet specially made for kids is that these are very sturdy. This is important because it makes the tablet less fragile, even with rough usage. The tablet will be almost undestroyable!

The search begins!

Looking for the right tablet, that internally and externally exactly has what you are looking for, can be made easier by simply reading the blogs on this webpage. Everything can be nicely layed out in the blog 7 best tablets of 2018 2019. Different brands and options can be found. This is an excellent way to make a specific comparison. The operating system can be different too, usually it will be an Android, Apple or Windows.

The first thing you want to consider is your childs age. A tablet for a 5 year old has to be different than a tablet for a 10 year old. Especially if games will be played on the tablet, you will have to look at the level of this specific game or app. This also complies for making homework on your tablet, with a 5 year old you would not have to worry about this for instance.




LeapFrog Epic

Its kid friendly interface along with the several assurances that LeapFrog makes a good choice among parents and also kids. Given the price- however-I still expected more from LeapFrog as their previous models have been so good.

Amazon Fire HD 8 2017

Fire HD sells at only 80 pounds – given for this amount of money you are getting tab that provides great screen resolution and comes in many colors. Kids would love this app as it relatively fast since this tab is not fully made for kids. There is the concern for online hazards nevertheless this tab is a tough competitor in this list.

Kurio Tab 2

It has a very decent look and comes with a factory bumper case – which is rather streamlined and this makes it look sleek. It has both front and back cameras and all the necessities for a tabloids i.e the headphone socket, Bluetooth etc.

Samsung Galaxy Tab- kids version

This is like the normal tab 3 but with features that enhances the experience of the kid.  This tablet is pre-loaded with children’s applications including games, camera, paint tools and more 4000mAh Battery. These are some of its features. For its price of 60 dollars and the reliability of Samsung tabs this tabloid is a great deal.


Read more about these and many more great choices in the blog about the 7 best tablets for kids in 2018 and 2019!

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