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In daily life, everyone is almost constantly online on their laptop, tablet and Smartphone. It is good for a child to be introduced to the digital World while still Young,  to get used to the Technologies that we use. The easiest way to do this is through the use of a special tablet for kids. Of course you can use your own tablet for this, but buying a special kids tablet might be an even better option.

These tablets are specially designed for kids and contain only specially approved software. As a parent, you can easily be in control of what your child uses the tablet for, because the software limits the abilities. Offensive websites can’t be opened and only child appropriate apps can be downloaded on the tablet to keep your child safe.

Tablets for kids work with Android, which means the Playstore is different than on other devices. This way you can be sure that your child will always find itself in a child friendly digital atmosphere. If you want to block certain things for your child, this too will be very easily be done on a kids tablet.


Youtube is a fun app, because all the existing videos in the World are able to be found on Youtube. There are especially fun videos to be found for kids, for example  short videos of popular kids shows and a lot of kids songs too, even the older kids shows from back in the day, you can find them all.

On a kids tablet Youtube will be restricted. You can download Youtube, but excess to videos is limited. Google is currently working on a special app for kids called Youtube Kids, which is a good solution for the problem. Although it is not available for every country just yet.

Tablets for kids do have a different solution for this problem; you can watch Youtube, but the settings limit the available video’s (de video’s are filtered and only available if they are child friendly enough) There is also the option to limit how long your child can watch videos on Youtube. On a regular tablet you will find it harder or almost impossible to change all these settings.

Even older models of the special kids tablet could not filter the Youtube video’s and didn’t have the ability to install the Youtube app.

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Which kids tablet with Youtube is the right one?

There is bound to be lots of choice when you choose a tablet for you child, these are some of the things to look for when you are buying one:

  1. Is the tablet fully fledged? These ones will be able to download Youtube.
  2. Does the tablet have child safety settings? You might want this to limit your child’s screen time, or when you want to change the video’s your child will be able to watch.
  3. Does the tablet have wi-fi?


Especially the last point will be one to look out for. Not all tablets have the ability to connect to the wi-fi. This would mean if your child wants to play a game which needs an internet connection, he won’t be able to play this game unless he is somewhere where the tables it connected to the wi-fi.

For my own son I chose the Denver TAQ kids tablet, Its a bit more expensive but a very good choice and will last a long time. Especially the battery life was what really spoke to me when I bought it.

When you get your tablet, it might first appear the Youtube app is not working, but you can only install the app from the parent account. This means you can in fact download the app, but only from the parent account. This is because not all parents want Youtube on the tablet, and this will prevent a child form downloading it themselves.

The limitations on the Youtube app are very important for children, this is because more and more video’s contain violence. Try to find a popular music video that doesn’t contain any nudity or violence. That would be a very hard task.

When you are watching a video, you will most likely be directed to other video’s which Youtube thinks you might be interested in as well. This might link you to a totally different kind of content than the original video you were watching. Youtube start up page will also contain popular video’s, which means you child will see these videos that contain violence.

This is why it is important that you have a limited and child safe version of Youtube on your child’s tablet.



Not only does a kids tablet look more fun for your child, it is also much more safe than a regular tablet. Youtube will be strongly limited and all the available video’s will be filtered. Your child will be able to watch funny kids video’s and educational/useful videos. However, your child will be safe from video’s full of violence and other inappropriate images and sounds. It is very easy to get your child the best matching tablet for him/her, you can always look at websites like for the availability.



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